Pizza is Amazing

Is there any food better than pizza? I don't think so. Its simplest form is really my favorite - a perfect thin crust, a barely-altered tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and a light sprinkling of basil. But I like all of the less pure interpretations of pizza too. From a mushroom-and-sausage-filled Chicago-style deep dish to a California sourdough crust with fresh corn, feta cheese, and cilantro, to an almost sweet Hawaiian pie (don't tell Enrica about that one), I just love it all. Is there anyone who doesn't love pizza? I pity the fool who does not love pizza. So until then, I will continue to believe that pizza the most universally-loved food. (I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "What about chocolate?" Well, I have met people who don't like chocolate. I know, they cray, but they do exist.)

So there is a reason that you can't tell Enrica about my Hawiian pizza treason. It's because in addition to being a kick-booty WebKit hacker, Enrica is also a true pizza virtuoso. She's a whiz. A hotshot. The honest to goodness pizza whisperer. Best. Pizza. Ever. See that amazing photo over there? The pizza on the yellow dish?? Enrica made that. She has a brick oven in her backyard where she performs her wizardry, and I need to ensure that I have a ticket back to that magical land of bready cheesy nirvana. Plus it's actually physically impossible to visit Enrica without being served at least 3 desserts. So hush about the Hawaiian pies, okay?! And I'll try to bring you some leftovers.