WebKit Nightly

WebKit Nightlies are no longer supported. Use WebKit Build Archives for testing changes in WebKit. Here are other ways you can be involved in the project:

  • Link Write good bug reports for developers
  • Link Learn about the life cycle of a bug
  • Link Reduce a bug to make a good test case
  • Link Add steps to reproduce for unconfirmed bugs
  • Link Add a test case to bugs needing reduction
  • Link Get started by finishing forgotten patches
  • Link Fix the most important bugs
  • Link Look over bugs with patches that need review
  • Link Land approved patches
Where is my homepage?
  1. You can easily disable the WebKit nightly start page and have it use your normal home page. Open Terminal enter the following command, and restart WebKit:
  2. defaults write org.webkit.nightly.WebKit StartPageDisabled -bool YES