Contributors Meeting Social

You are cordially invited.

As a WebKit Contributors Meeting attendee, you are cordially invited to participate in an optional online social experience.

Despite an entirely online meeting, we want to support social connections within the community with an after-party-like experience in the form of a uniquely fun social deduction game.

We will be playing a game called Blood on the Clocktower, created by the awesome folks at The Pandemonium Institute. It’s a murder mystery game that will test your logic, intuition, and your ability to work together as a team to find the evil players.

There will be multiple game sessions of 7-9 players—depending on interest—scheduled around the WebKit Contributors Meeting. Some sessions may be before the meeting, some in the days after. Games will take approximately 1-1.5 hours to play and make use of WebRTC in your browser.

Complete instructions and game sessions schedules will be communicated after registration closes.