Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 113

Safari Technology Preview Release 113 is now available for download for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS.

This release covers WebKit revisions 265179-265893.

Web Inspector

  • Timelines Tab
    • Fixed background colors for odd and even items in Dark Mode in the Timelines tab (r265498)
    • Media & Animations timeline shouldn’t shift when sorting (r265356)
  • Adapted Web Inspector’s user interface and styling to better match macOS Big Sur (r265237, r265507)

Web Audio

  • Added constructor for GainNode (r265227)
  • Added constructor for BiquadFilterNode (r265290)
  • Added constructor for ConvolverNode (r265298)
  • Added constructor for DelayNode (r265221)
  • Added constructor for AudioBuffer (r265210)
  • Added constructor for AnalyserNode (r265196)
  • Added support for suspending and resuming an OfflineAudioContext (r265701)
  • Added constructor for the MediaElementAudioSourceNode interface (r265330)
  • Aligned AudioListener with the W3C specification (r265266)
  • Aligned BiquadFilterNode.getFrequencyResponse() with the specification (r265291)
  • Fixed BiquadFilterNode’s lowpass filter (r265517)
  • Fixed missing length attribute on OfflineAudioContext (r265388)
  • Fixed missing baseLatency attribute on the AudioContext interface (r265393)


  • Added support for MediaRecorder bitrate options (r265328)


  • Updated to avoid triggering redundant compositing updates when trying to run a steps() animation on transform (r265358)
  • Fixed inconsistent spacing of Chinese characters in Safari for macOS Big Sur (r265488)


  • Enabled H.264 low latency code path by default for macOS (r265547)
  • Fixed the picture-in-picture button disappearing in the fullscreen YouTube player after starting a new video in a playlist (r265690)


  • Changed to apply aspect ratios when computing flex-basis (r265855)
  • Fixed updating min-height: auto after an image loads when the image has a specified height and width (r265858)
  • Fixed @font-face font-weight descriptor to reject bolder and lighter (r265677)
  • Fixed the CSS specificity of :host() pseudo-classes (r265812)


  • Fixed window.print to not invoke native UI (r265207)


  • Added VoiceOver access to font styling at insertion point (r265259)


  • Fixed font loads quickly followed by navigations failing indefinitely (r265603)


  • Implemented Canvas.transferControlToOffscreen and OffscreenCanvasRenderingContext2D.commit (r265543)
  • Implemented createImageBitmap(ImageData) (r265360)
  • Implemented PerfomanceObserverInit.buffered (r265390)
  • Fixed text input autocorrect="off" attribute getting ignored on macOS (r265509)

Gamepad API

  • Added a special HID mapping for the Google Stadia controller (r265180)
  • Added HID mapping for the Logitech F310/F710 controllers. (r265183)


  • Fixed table data incorrectly translated in some articles on (r265188)
  • Fixed leading and trailing spaces to be ignored when comparing content (r265361)