Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 132

Safari Technology Preview Release 132 is now available for download for macOS Big Sur and betas of macOS Monterey. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS.

This release covers WebKit revisions 281002-281797.

Note: Tab Groups do not sync in this release.

Web Inspector

  • Elements Tab
    • Fixed CSS Changes sidebar to update live (r281441)
    • Fixed showing style rules declared after a rule whose selector has over 8192 components (r281354)
    • Changed to not show contextual documentation popup in the Changes panel (r281139)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Adjusted tab bar style to be consistent between docked and undocked layouts (r281182)


  • Fixed CSS keyframe animations to respect edges in four-value background-position (r281683)
  • Fixed sticky position to not use transformed position to compute the offset (r281446)
  • Improved sticky positioning when applied to inline items(r281185)
  • Prevented snapping to offscreen snap areas in unidirectional scrolls (r281189)
  • Unprefixed -webkit-backface-visibility (r281009)


  • Added Intl Enumeration APIs (r281513)
  • Enabled Array#findLast method (r281369)
  • Enabled String#at and TypedArray#at (r281370)
  • Extended Intl TimeZoneName Option (r281371)
  • Fixed Intl.DateTimeFormat incorrectly parsing patterns with ‘h’ literal (r281688)
  • Implemented Temporal.Calendar behind the flag (--useTemporal) (r281788)
  • Implemented Intl Locale Info extension (r281374)
  • Implemented Intl.DisplayNames V2 (r281375)
  • Made polymorphic-keyed put-by-value faster (r281615)


  • Added Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy support for Blob URLs (r281055)
  • Added onsecuritypolicyviolation on GlobalEventHandlers (r281569)
  • Enabled PerformanceNavigationTiming API by default (r281111)
  • Fixed including outer selector when matching ::slotted() (r281692)
  • Fixed document.hasFocus() returning true for unfocused pages (r281228)
  • Fixed Geolocation API to callback with an error if the document is not fully active (r281520)
  • Fixed setting window.location.href to an invalid URL to throw a TypeError (r281472)
  • Fixed SubmitEvent.submitter property to be set for <button type="submit"> (r281770)
  • Fixed Web Share CanShare() to be called after transient activation check (r281126)
  • Implemented Crypto.randomUUID() (r281206, r281284)
  • Implemented self.reportError() (r281756)


  • Added support for RTCDtlsTransport (r281225)
  • Added support for RTCPeerConnection.canTrickleIceCandidates (r281298)


  • Fixed caret to respect text background color (r281685)
  • Fixed incorrect repaint when inline level box style change triggers line height change (r281136)
  • Changed synthetic bold additional advances to be applied after shaping (r281687)


  • Fixed nexttrack and previoustrack MediaSession handlers (r281013)

Web Extensions

  • Added support for externally_connectable for sending messages to extensions from web pages
  • Added a drop shadow around color extension icons when the tab is using a theme color from the web page
  • Added an error message when declarative net request is used and the declarativeNetRequest permission is not specified in the extension manifest