Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 168

Learn about the latest web technology updates in Safari Technology Preview: Web Inspector, CSS, Rendering, Web Animations, JavaScript, Lockdown Mode, Media, Popover, Web API, and Accessibility.


Safari Technology Preview Release 168 is now available for download for macOS Monterey 12.3 or later and macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS Monterey, or System Settings under General → Software Update on macOS Ventura.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 262125@main…262761@main.

Web Inspector

  • Network tab
    • Fixed cleared items reappearing with Preserve Log enabled (262603@main)
  • Sources tab
    • Fixed unresponsiveness after inspecting photos (262409@main)
  • Graphics tab
    • Added support for OffscreenCanvas in Canvas related operations (262388@main)


  • Added CSS Nesting serialization support for CSSOM (262177@main)
  • Added support for @supports font-format() (262305@main)
  • Implemented two-value syntax of font-size-adjust (262309@main, 262374@main)
  • Implemented CSSOM insertRule() on StyleRule (262394@main)
  • Fixed color() function parsing to reject missing components (262098@main)
  • Fixed to not show cursor: pointer on unclickable <area> (262559@main)
  • Fixed UA styles incorrectly applying to elements with other namespaces such as SVG (262053@main)
  • Fixed hit testing for an ::after with transform-style: preserve-3d and a negative z-index (262728@main)
  • Fixed content: counter() not updating visually if position: absolute is set (262269@main)
  • Fixed unknown function parsing in @supports rule (262308@main)
  • Fixed @counter-style to stop allowing redefining certain predefined styles (262038@main)
  • Fixed @counter-style extends system to always extend first symbol for fixed system (262264@main)
  • Fixed triggering layout on margin-trim style change (262423@main)
  • Fixed trimmed block-start, block-end, inline-start, and inline-end margins for flex items in horizontal writing mode to reflect in computed style (262700@main, 262081@main, 262663@main, 262708@main)


  • Fixed statically positioned out-of-flow box location when display type changes from block to inline-block (262042@main)
  • Fixed incorrectly positioned out-of-flow box when a layout boundary is present (262470@main)
  • Fixed siblings layout if an adjacent float no longer affects them (262481@main)
  • Fixed vertical-align correctness (262506@main)
  • Fixed MathML element in display: flex not getting repainted on a content change (262674@main)
  • Fixed statically positioned out-of-flow box with anonymous sibling flex item inside display: flex (262341@main)

Web Animations

  • Fixed first frame of transform animation visible when !important style overrides the animated value (262327@main)


  • Added ImplementationVisibility to Wasm::Callee (262191@main)
  • Aligned RegExp V Flags Syntax errors with V8 (262017@main)
  • Applied the new display computation for digital in Intl.DurationFormat (262682@main)
  • Fixed Paren Context allocation and use with Duplicate Named Capture groups (262239@main)

Lockdown Mode


  • Fixed videos not playing if opened in full screen on first play (262654@main)


  • Fixed event.preventDefault() to not cancel popover light dismiss (262283@main)
  • Fixed changing popover attribute during beforetoggle when showing a popover to throw an exception (262026@main)
  • Implemented “check and possibly close popover stack” algorithm (262440@main)


  • Implemented URL.canParse() (262072@main)
  • Fixed HTML Comments after </body> placed at the bottom of the <body> contents (262222@main)
  • Fixed innerHTML escaping <, >, &, and nbsp inside noembed, noframes, iframe and plaintext (262285@main)
  • Fixed innerHTML serialization to not have a special handling for javascript: URLs (262267@main)
  • Fixed sliced blobs ending up with the wrong Content-Type in Fetch (262583@main)
  • Fixed Offscreen Canvas not respecting size set via CSS (262039@main)
  • Fixed smooth keyboard scrolling with Page Up and Page Down (262466@main)


  • Changed to not include the password input value in aria-labelledby description (262433@main)
  • Fixed aria-owns attribute for the radio role (262566@main)
  • Fixed VoiceOver not reading entered text in text fields (262126@main)