Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 172

Safari Technology Preview Release 172 is now available for download for macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in System Settings under General → Software Update.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 264302@main…264854@main.

Web Inspector

  • Fixed truncation for deeply nested async stack traces to avoid infinite nesting (264354@main)
  • Fixed XHR request with the same URL as the main resource to have an XHR type (264686@main)


  • Added unprefixed hyphens and hyphenate-character CSS properties (264628@main)
  • Added :has() invalidation support for :defined pseudo class (264602@main)
  • Added nowrap white-space to the User-Agent Stylesheet for the option element (264691@main)
  • Fixed child-indexed pseudo-classes to match root elements (264620@main)
  • Fixed baseline alignment to not synthesize the first baseline when a flex item block axis is parallel to a flex cross axis (264423@main)
  • Fixed input elements to respect line heights smaller than normal (264802@main)
  • Fixed computing table overflow to take overflow: clip into account (264849@main)
  • Fixed viewport layout size when a site specifies an initial scale (264842@main)

Image Set

  • Fixed type() function to only take one string (264310@main)
  • Fixed image-set options with identical resolutions to choose the first supported image type (264481@main)


  • Fixed calculating the actual column count to avoid floating point precision issues (264667@main)
  • Fixed wrong input text position with line-height (264613@main)
  • Fixed which element scrollbar-width is resolved from for the viewport (264632@main)
  • Fixed resize handles to render correctly when scrollbar-width is none (264630@main)


  • Fixed option and optgroup to not be focusable in a menulist (264755@main)
  • Fixed the input renderer applying overflow clipping to the content box (264731@main)
  • Fixed matching elements without a parent with child-indexed pseudo-classes (264620@main)
  • Fixed overflowing placeholder text inside an input (264684@main)



  • Fixed WebRTC backed media element rendering layer changes slowly (size or layer made hidden/visible) (264777@main)
  • Added the BufferedChangeEvent object (264472@main)
  • Fixed media recorder producing empty chunks (264478@main)
  • Fixed getDisplayMedia capture to mute other tabs when starting (264611@main)


  • Fixed hidePopover to prevent a recursive loop (264623@main)


  • Fixed animateMotion to accumulate properly with rotate: auto or rotate: auto-reverse (264595@main)
  • Fixed to not create an interval if a value in begin-value-list doesn’t have a matching value in end-value-list (264635@main)
  • Fixed using a nested SVG resource (264618@main)
  • Fixed the computed display for SVG elements (264627@main)
  • Fixed the mapping from a point to a character index for the SVG <text> element (264796@main)


  • Fixed aria-checked to work for role="treeitem" elements with display: contents (264761@main)
  • Fixed display: contents lists to return the correct sub-role (264644@main)
  • Fixed elements with the popovertarget attribute to expose expanded state to assistive technologies (264852@main)


  • Removed -webkit-user-select: none from draggable elements (264448@main)


  • Fixed an array keyPath to yield an array key (264479@main)


  • Added applying cookie policy on WebSocket requests (264753@main)
  • Fixed the change event to fire when the user reverts the value of a color, date, time, or datetime input after JavaScript changed the value (264528@main)
  • Fixed images with decoding="async" flickering while zooming in (264433@main)
  • Fixed forbidden host and domain code points to align with specifications (264482@main)
  • Fixed to not fire a mousemove event when a modifier key is pressed (264455@main)
  • Fixed the heuristics for reporting storage quota (264446@main)
  • Fixed CSS.supports() to always use no-quirks mode (264835@main)
  • Fixed window.stop() to fire abort events on XMLHttpRequest asynchronously (264765@main)
  • Fixed navigator.credentials.preventSilentAccess() (264345@main)
  • Fixed HTMLOptionElement text setter to not have a non-conforming observable behavior (264442@main)
  • Fixed ignoring bidi control characters while collecting fallback fonts (264509@main)
  • Fixed missing network connection integrity policies when connecting via <link rel=preconnect> (264382@main)
  • Fixed to resolve percentage in use against the instance’s viewport element (264596@main)
  • Fixed selecting an OptGroup label not unselecting the selected item (264767@main)
  • Fixed ServiceWorker downloads when chunks are sent via postMessage (264412@main)