Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 177

Safari Technology Preview Release 177 is now available for download for macOS Sonoma beta and macOS Ventura. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update it in System Settings under General → Software Update.

This release includes WebKit changes between: 266419@main…266623@main.

Web Inspector


  • Fixed mod() evaluation (266485@main)
  • Fixed round() evaluation when the number is a multiple of the step (266504@main)
  • Fixed computing the correct overflow-x and overflow-y values for <table> elements (266560@main)


  • Fixed out-of-flow <br> to not trigger a line break (266475@main)


  • Fixed popover incorrectly auto-hiding when using shadow DOM (266457@main)


  • Fixed fullscreen ready check to remove the hierarchy requirement (266426@main)
  • Fixed videos disappearing when switching from landscape to portrait (266531@main)
  • Fixed pausing media playback after suspending media playback to correctly pause after media playback is unsuspended (266590@main)


  • Optimized Array#splice to skip result array creation if it is not used at all (266591@main)


  • Fixed intermittent removal of adoptedStyleSheet CSSStyleSheet instances when assigning an adoptedStyleSheet array (266464@main)
  • Fixed keyboard scroll not stopping after pressing the down arrow if keyup is default prevented (266425@main)
  • Fixed window.postMessage with OffscreenCanvas with an isolated world message listener (266465@main)


  • Fixed non-accessible content within iframes with ARIA roles (266506@main)
  • Fixed VoiceOver word echo on text inputs with a combobox role (266569@main)

Apple Pay

  • Deprecated enabled in favor of available in shippingContactEditingMode (266493@main)