Web technology sessions at WWDC24

It’s time for WWDC24! Today brings announcements of the new web technology shipping in Safari on iOS 18 beta, iPadOS 18 beta, visionOS 2 beta and macOS 15 beta. Read our in-depth article about everything in WebKit for Safari 18 beta.

Three sessions at WWDC24 dive into the spatial web, passkey upgrades, and WebXR.

Screenshot of an experience in Apple Vision Pro, looking at a full-sized, rendered 3D bicycle sitting in the middle of a real office.

Optimize for the spatial web

Discover how to make the most of visionOS capabilities on the web. Explore recent updates like improvements to selection highlighting, and the ability to present spatial photos and panorama images in fullscreen. Learn to take advantage of existing web standards for dictation and text-to-speech with WebSpeech, spatial soundscapes with WebAudio, and immersive experiences with WebXR.

Coming Tuesday, June 11.

A slide from the presentation explaining visually how passwords are less secure and passkeys are most secure.

Streamline sign-in with passkey upgrades and credential managers

Learn how to automatically upgrade existing password-based accounts to use passkeys. We’ll share why and how to improve account security and ease of sign-in, information about new features available for credential manager apps, and how to make your app information shine in the new Passwords app.

Coming Tuesday, June 11.

A view from inside Apple Vision Pro where two giant windows float in a real office. The first is a Safari window with the Chess Garden website showing. The second is macOS, with multiple windows inside the Mac window — working on developing the Chess Garden website using Safari Web Inspector and more.

Build immersive web experiences with WebXR

Discover how WebXR empowers you to add fully immersive experiences to your website in visionOS. Find out how to build WebXR experiences that take full advantage of the input capabilities of visionOS, and learn how you can use Simulator to test WebXR experiences on macOS.

Coming Wednesday, June 12.