Last week in WebKit:
CSS’ -khtml- and -apple-, and ancestorOrigins

667 commits made it into WebKit’s repository last week.

Work on Device Emulation in Web Inspector is continuing and now also supports dimension wrapping to mimic orientation changes, and a “fit to width” option which will inherit the browser window’s dimensions as the device’s resolution. Lines having a breakpoint will now show line numbers and the vertical timeline overview now shows the wall time.

Support for -khtml- and -apple- properties has been removed for some WebKit ports, including Chromium, after previous attempts failed due to compatibility issues. Background sizes are now correct if the page is zoomed out, the default box-shadow color now defaults to the element’s “color” property, the viewport-relative CSS units now work for Replaced objects (such as images) and the -webkit-image-set CSS property was enabled for the Chromium port.

The ancestorOrigins() method was added to the window.location object, Chromium now exposes the Battery Status API and a Mutation Observer’s attributeFilter is now able to deal with namespaced attributes as well. The contentNodes property for NamedFlows was added, JavaScriptAudioNodes now respect the number of output channels and timestamps used in WebVTT had their limits relaxed.

Other changes which occurred last week: