Last week in WebKit:
The Contributors Meeting and datalists

A total of 652 changes landed last week in various branches of WebKit’s repository. This update covers changes up to revision 114894.

Last Thursday and Friday, Apple kindly hosted the 2012 WebKit Contributors Meeting in Cupertino. With contributors from many different vendors around, a large number of subjects were covered in presentations and discussions. Transcripts of most of these are available on WebKit’s Trac, including a group photo of all attendees.

An experimental Style Panel has been introduced to Web Inspector which mimics the interface of the Script Panel, which also features an open stylesheet-dialog. Cross-frame security error spam when typing in the console is gone, calling will now reset the Elements Panel and the Inspector is now shimming the startsWith() and endsWith() methods on the String prototype, anticipating implementation of Microsoft’s proposal.

Parsing rules of the :nth-*() pseudo-classes has been aligned with the specification. Clipping issues with the CSS drop-shadow filter have been resolved and the “-webkit-filter” CSS property will now show up when enumerating over an element’s computed style.

Support for the HTML5 <datalist> element has been enabled for Chromium. It provides similar functionality to suggestions by the browser based on what you previously entered in a text field, with the difference that these suggestions are provided by the website.

Other changes which occurred last week: