Last weeks in WebKit:
sub-pixel layout and seamless iframes

Since there wasn’t an update last week, this one briefly covers changes between revisions 114867 and 116271.

Web Inspector now offers the ability to disable all JavaScript execution on a page, and also allows Web Socket frames to be inspected. The shortcut overlay has received some UI polish and the Timeline Frame Mode has been taken out of experimental.

Fixed placeholders have been implemented for date input types, a form field’s entries supplied through a <datalist> are now barred from validation. The Apple Mac port removed support for BlobBuilder and the Selector APIs have been aligned with the specification when pseudo-element selectors are used.

Retrieving a canvas’ image data will now return a Uint8ClampedArray instead of a CanvasPixelArray object. In preparation of supporting getUserMedia on Chromium, the Peer Connection API implementation has been separated with a compile time flag. Tables now support the createTBody() method and the IndexedDB implementation can now open cursors based on an IDBKey, and advance cursors as well.

Eric landed the first parts of support for seamless iframes in WebKit, namely some tests, sandbox and styling and navigation. A vendor-prefixed version of the Performance Timeline API landed, the getUserMedia() method now takes an object instead of a string and the noteOn and noteOff methods of the Web Audio API’s oscillator got implemented.

Antti made it possible to share stylesheet data structures between documents, decreasing memory usage by several megabytes (take note, kling) depending on the port’s implementation. Furthermore, parsed stylesheets may now be cached, increasing performance of subsequent page loads.

Per commit 116009, Levi and Emil were able to close the meta bug for supporting sub-pixel layout in WebKit. While this has not yet been enabled for any port, this is a significant milestone for the project. This article provides some insight in the importance.

Other changes which occurred last week: