Last week in WebKit:
Canvas font fallback and :read-only for date and time

This update talks about the 690 WebKit patches that landed last week, up to revision 136364.

A canvas’ 2D context’s globalCompositeOperation property now also accepts the various blending modes. The unpause() method on a MediaController object is now supported. Removing non-existent cues from a text track will raise an exception, and a media element’s textTracks property will now reflect the associated <track> element.

The :read-only CSS pseudo-class has been updated to work with date and time input types as well. The -webkit-mask-attachment property has been removed and the masking size has been added to the -webkit-mask shorthand. WebKit’s Multiple Column implementation now accepts “none” as the value for column-span rather than just one, and tables have started respecting the max-height property.

As for experimental features, Julien is continuing his work to implement the CSS Grid Layout Module in WebKit, and landed several more patches. Dave also landed another patch for the new Multiple Column implementation, and CSS Shaders’ input colors will now be clamped before being blended. More tests have been added for the CSS Device Adaptation implementation, and values provided through the meta tag won’t be clamped anymore.

Other changes that occurred last week:

  • An OpenCL-based implementation of several filter effects has been added.
  • A basic implementation of the Web Audio API’s MediaStreamAudioDestinationNode landed.
  • Printing in a custom font on a <canvas> object can now also fall-back to other fonts if it’s unavailable.
  • It’s now possible to run WebKit’s performance tests on Chromium for Android.
  • In order to make performance profiling easier, the run-perf-tests script now accepts a –profile option.
  • A feature flag has been added for an implementation of the HTML <template> element.
  • Partytime has been brought back to WebKit!