Last week in WebKit:
a new hope

A lot of great changes happened this week. There was the first stable release of WebKitGTK+ 2, which is the GTK+ port of WebKit2. A lot of cleaning has been going on and WebKit is getting smaller and building faster. The bot infrastructure has also been moved over from old servers to their new home independent from chromium.

New behaviors

Some new features this week:

Engine engineering

All of the infrastructure that was handled by chrome is now moved to WebKit. The sheriffbot is now known as webkitbot and is smarter (and wittier).

The commit queue is moved to The test-results server is here:

JavaScript strings got faster thanks to a DFG implementation of String comparison, and of String.fromCharCode. Rendering also got faster with smarter tiling heuristics during loading and window resizing.

A lot of proactive work was being done around security, two notable changes are the addition of bound checking on the Vector class, and a beginning of process sandboxing on Linux for WebKit2 with seccomp filters.

The main effort this week was still around cleaning the code left over from chromium. Some people are also taking the opportunity to refactor header inclusion to reduce build time.

The WebKitten of the week is Ryosuke Niwa for a fantastic job on migrating all the infrastructure and on cleaning WebKit.

Some cool things to look forward to: