Web Inspector Keyboard Shortcuts

Web Inspector is loaded with tools to make web development easier and more effective. To help you become more efficient, Web Inspector includes keyboard shortcuts for many commonly used actions. These shortcuts will help you streamline your interactions and reduce the effort needed to complete your work.

Web Inspector Keyboard Shortcuts

You can learn about the shortcuts by hovering over interface elements and examining their tooltips. We’ve compiled a handy reference list of useful shortcuts to make working with Web Inspector more effortless.

Debugger Shortcuts

These shortcuts work from any Web Inspector panel, not just Debugger. One exception is ⌘Y — when editing code, ⌘Y comments out a line.

Debugger Shortcuts
⌘Y Disable breakpoints
⌃⌘Y or ⌘\ Continue script execution
F6 or ⌘’ Step over
F7 or ⌘; Step in
F8 or ⇧⌘; Step out


CSS selectors and XPath can be used for both global and local search.

⇧⌘F — global search, it searches in all resources.
⌘F — local search, search within currently selected panel (e.g. a resource or console).


Hide an Element

The H key hides the currently selected element by assigning visibility: hidden to it. Unlike deleting a node (by pressing delete key or setting display: none), setting visibility: hidden doesn’t move any other elements on the web page.

Select Next and Previous Tabs

Much like ⇧⌘] and ⇧⌘[ select next and previous tabs respectively in Safari, ⇧⌘] and ⇧⌘[ select next and previous tabs in WebKit Inspector when it’s undocked.

Toggle Split Console

The Esc key focuses on the quick console. Once it’s focused, pressing Esc toggles the split console.

Console Filters

Several filters can be selected by clicking while holding key.

Clear console

Console can be cleared not only by clicking on the trash icon or by executing console.clear(), but also by pressing ⌘K or ⌃L.

Clear console


All these keyboard shortcuts are available in both Safari 8 and 9. Please message @webkit on Twitter about keyboard shortcuts you like, don’t like or want to be implemented. If it doesn’t fit into 140 characters, file a bug report.

Note: Learn more about Web Inspector from the Web Inspector Reference documentation.