Announcing the Safari Compatibility Hit List

The WebKit site has a new addition: the Safari Compatibility Hit List.

It’s a top ten list of sites needing compatibility work. The Safari Team at Apple developed the Hit List with two goals in mind:

First, to show people that improving website compatibility is our main goal. The list is a snapshot of the most prominent sites on our radar right now. (Of course, the list will change as we learn about new bugs and resolve old ones.)

Second, to draw open source developers’ attention to a concrete, measurable set of improvements we can make together. If you’re hacking on WebKit, please review the list regularly and see if there’s a bug you’d like to pitch in on. Testing, writing bug reductions, suggesting work-arounds, and pinning drown problematic sections of code are all helpful, even if you don’t fix a website all by yourself.

I can’t make any promises, but I spoke with Chuck Norris’s agent, and Mr. Norris is considering round-housing a few websites for us. All I can say is, it’s a bad day to be a compatibility bug.