Lots of new Reviewers!

It is my pleasure to announce a number of new WebKit reviewers.

General reviewers

Lars Knoll – Lars is the original creator of KHTML, and has been doing a lot of work in the WebKit tree to port it back to Qt, and has also submitted some general refactoring patches and bug fixes. We are pleased to have his expertise in service of the WebKit review process.

Nikolas Zimmermann – Niko is the co-creator of KSVG2, with Rob Buis. In addition to all his original work on KSVG2 (and KDOM), Niko has been working in the WebKit tree for a while now, mostly on SVG fixes and improvements but also in other areas.

Port Reviewers

George Staikos – New port reviewer for Qt port. George started the effort to port WebKit back to Qt, in the form of the Unity project.

Krzysztof Kowalczyk – New port reviewer for the Gdk port. Krysztof has been doing an excellent job keeping the Gdk port building and working in the face of rapid WebKit changes.

Kevin Ollivier – New port reviewer for the wxWidgets port. Kevin started the wxWidgets port of WebKit and will be continuing the work on a soon-to-be-created branch.

Please join me in congratulating all the new reviewers.