Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 96

Safari Technology Preview Release 96 is now available for download for macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS.

This release covers WebKit revisions 251210-251627.

Web Animations

  • Enabled the Web Animations JavaScript API by default (r251237)


  • Implemented AuthenticatorCancel (r251295)


  • Added auto behavior to the width and height properties of the SVG <image> element (r251378)
  • Added bounding-box keyword to pointer-events (r251444)
  • Fixed SVGElement to conform with SVG2 (r251499)
  • Loaded event must be fired only for the SVG structurally external elements and the outermost SVG element (r251290)
  • Removed the viewTarget property of SVGViewElement (r251461)


  • Added strictness to request’s Content-Type (r251490)
  • Changed XMLHttpRequest.responseXML url to be the HTTP response URL (r251542)
  • Changed String.prototype.matchAll to throw on non-global regex (r251483)
  • Fixed a bad is array assertion JSON.parse (r251394)
  • Fixed setting border-radius on <video> element clipping the top and left sections of the video (r251385)
  • Ignored or document.write after the active parser has been aborted (r251506)
  • Made requestIdleCallback suspendable (r251258)


  • Added content-box and stroke-box to the transform-box property (r251252)
  • Added support for gradients using stops with multiple positions (r251474)
  • Fixed a crash when parsing gradients with multi-position color stops (r251437)

Clipboard API

  • Implemented ClipboardItem.getType() (r251377)
  • Implemented (r251279)

CSS Shadow Parts

  • Changed :part rules to be able to override the style attribute (r251285)


  • Removed wasmAwareLexicalGlobalObject (r251529)

Picture-in-Picture API

  • Implemented EnterPictureInPictureEvent support (r251530)
  • Added runtime logging for the Picture-in-Picture API (r251458)


  • Added support for callbacks for manifest events (r251626)

Service Worker

  • Fixed MP4 video element broken with Service Worker (r251594)

Back-Forward Cache

  • Prevented putting pages that have not reached the non-visually empty layout milestone into the back-forward cache (r251275)
  • Fixed Notification to not prevent entering the back-forward cache (r251528)
  • Fixed AudioContext to not prevent entering the back-forward cache (r251537)
  • Fixed FetchResponse to not prevent entering the back-forward cache (r251545)
  • Fixed XMLHttpRequest to not prevent entering the back-forward cache (r251366)

Web Inspector

  • Elements
    • Added clickable icons for each CSS rule that distinguish the rule’s type (r251624)
    • Fixed $0 being shown for the wrong node when selecting elements in a user agent shadow tree (r251302)
    • Fixed the selection color dimmed when inside a shadow tree (r251254)
    • Replaced color wheel with square HSB color picker (r251487)
  • Sources
    • Fixed the content of the function definition popover sometimes getting cut off (r251446)
    • Changed the function/object preview popover to keep the name sticky to the top (r251466)
    • Provided a way to inject “bootstrap” JavaScript into the page as the first script executed (r251531)


  • Fixed the Element Click endpoint triggering a click at an incorrect y-coordinate (r251948)