Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 98

Safari Technology Preview Release 98 is now available for download for macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave. If you already have Safari Technology Preview installed, you can update in the Software Update pane of System Preferences on macOS.

This release covers WebKit revisions 252823-253789.

Web Inspector

  • Elements
    • Removed the “Show/Hide Shadow DOM” navigation item (r253706)
    • Restricted showing paint flashing and compositing borders to the Web Inspector session (r253739)
    • Ensure that a bezier swatch is shown for CSS timing function keywords (r253758)
    • Fixed hovering over an invalid value while holding ⌘ to change the color of the text (r253405)
    • Fixed the Classes input to not display on top of other content (r253167)
  • Network
    • Fixed pressing ⌘F when no network item is selected to focus the filter bar (r253160)
  • Sources
    • Fixed non-regex local overrides to not apply to resources that only contain the URL instead of completely matching the URL (r253246)
  • Storage
    • Added support for filtering IndexedDB stores and indexes (r253161)
  • Audit
    • Fixed selected item before entering edit mode not being reselected after exiting edit mode (r253759)
    • Fixed importing a result with DOM nodes that don’t match the inspected page appearing as empty lines (r253757)
  • Console
    • Ensure copying an evaluation result does not include the saved variable index (r253169)
  • Search
    • Added basic “No Search Results” text with a clickable help navigation item that reveals and focuses the navigation sidebar search input when there is no active search (r253165)

Web Animations

  • Enabled Web Animations CSS Integration, a new implementation of CSS Animations and CSS Transitions, by default (r252945)
  • Fixed layout of element children with forwards-filling opacity animation that can be incorrect after removal (r252879)
  • Implemented Animation.commitStyles() (r252966)


  • Enabled the Generic Text Track Cue API (r253695)


  • Ensured transparency layers are properly ended when only painting root background (r253692)
  • Fixed an issue where elements could jump to the wrong position after some compositing-related style changes (r252935)


  • Implemented OffscreenCanvas.convertToBlob (r253474)
  • Changed setting toString or valueOf on a cross-origin Location object to throw a SecurityError (r253418)
  • Fixed an incorrect association of the URL object with the port value (r252998)
  • Prevented synchronous XHR in beforeunload and unload event handlers (r253213)


  • Changed to not perform range checking for calc() at parse time (r252983)
  • Changed media queries in img sizes attribute to evaluate dynamically (r252828)
  • Implemented the clamp() function (r253105)
  • Improved computed values of calc() functions to match the specification (r253079)


  • Changed Object.prototype.isPrototypeOf() to check if the passed in value is a non-object first (r253264)


  • Added protection for WebRTC network monitoring to wait forever in edge cases (r253203)
  • Fixed audio elements that resumed playback after getUserMedia (r253742)

Clipboard API

  • Added sanitization for HTML and image data written using clipboard.write (r253486)

Browser Changes

  • Changed to issue the load sooner on swipe back/forward navigation (r253360)
  • Re-disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 by default (r253292)


  • Changed to validate and generate bytecode in a single pass (r253140)