WebKit in the News

Google’s Android announcement (see post below) has led to a new round of stories about WebKit in the blogosphere. Om Malik writes about The Amazing Rise of WebKit Mobile. Jason Delport echoes his sentiment in a piece titled The Rise of the WebKit Browser. Ajaxian refers to Another WebKit win with Android. And John Gordon rescinds his former WebKit pessimism to admit, Safari: Ok, you win.

It’s worth noting that WebKit porting efforts are heating up. In the mobile space we already have WebKit in two product lines: Apple’s iPhone and Nokia’s S60 platform. In addition, the Qt port will be included in Qt 4.4, including the Qtopia mobile platform.

The Gtk+ port has been used to build mobile browsers for the Maemo and OpenMoko platforms. It is also available experimentally as a backend for GNOME’s Epiphany web browser.

Other ports and products in various stages of progress include the Origyn Web Browser, a sort of meta-port for various consumer electronics platforms, Wake3’s port to Windows CE, Adobe AIR, the Haiku operating system, wxWidgets and more.

And of course there are the many browsers and other applications using WebKit.

It’s exciting to see WebKit going more and more places, and get acknowledgement in the press for the community’s success in building a world class browser engine.