Last week in WebKit:
calculated CSS values and the translate attribute

684 commits landed in WebKit’s repository over the course of last week, bringing several new features and improvements such as a color picker for Web Inspector, two new CSS properties and the “translate” attribute for all HTML elements.

Brian Grinstead’s color picker is now enabled by default in WebKit nightlies, following some slight polishing. To aid the undo and redo system, an event has been added to monitor CSS modifications, percentage calculation for empty heap snapshots has been fixed and the first UI for managing IndexedDB databases is available. The free-flow DOM editing experiment has endedconcluding that it wasn’t an optimal solution for highly dynamic pages. Single-click CSS editing got enabled by default, and the Elements Panel will now show previews for images.

Per Mike’s commit, basic usage of CSS’ calc() function have started to work in WebKit. Two new CSS properties have been added, -webkit-line-grid to support the alignment of lines in the inline direction to the line grid and -webkit-overflow-scrolling, indicating that an element with overflow scrolling should follow the platform’s behavior. Nested horizontal flexboxes for the new implementation have been fixed, the nowrap value for the flex-wrap property has been renamed to “none” and the computed style for auto flex-item-align now resolves to its parent’s flex-align.

All HTML elements now support the translate attribute. Support for the DOM Level 3 FocusEvent class has been added and the “types” attribute for HTML5’s drag and drop Clipboard object now returns a DOMStringList. As for CSS Regions, it’s now possible to check whether a named flow overflows and update the regionOverflow property for all elements. Finally, a repaint issue and a text selection issue related to Regions have been fixed as well.

Other changes which occurred last week:

This is the first article in a weekly series highlighting the WebKit changes which occur during during a given week. Of course there are many other changes landing as well, which the Trac Timeline provides a great overview of!