Last week in WebKit:
Network Information API and disabled fieldsets

A total of 792 changes landed in WebKit’s repository last week.

Support for IndexedDB in Web Inspector’s Storage Panel is now available by default. Line-endings won’t be reset anymore after editing a file, heap snapshot parsing has been significantly sped up and the shortcut for going to the previous panel has been changed. Development on supporting snippets is ongoing, as is support for device metrics emulation.

After having been rolled out, support for the vw, vh and vmin CSS units has returned to WebKit. Flexbox’ flex-line-pack property has been implemented and two bugs around the flex-pack property have been fixed. Replaced elements now box-reflect and vertical-align and more progress landed for the new Multiple Column implementation. Finally, CSS Exclusions’ shape-inside and shape-outside had their “wrap-” prefix removed, and now occur in the list of computed style properties.

Support for the Network Information API landed in WebKit, currently only enabled for the EFL port. The “preview” state of the Page Visibility API has been implemented and toggling the “disabled” attribute on a fieldset element will now also effect all form associated elements it contains. Verification for the Sec-WebSocket-Protocol header has been made significantly stricter, cross-origin behavior for XMLHttpRequests seeing redirects has been aligned with the specification, and  images will now have their error event fired when the CORS check fails.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • Running “git status” in a WebKit checkout will be roughly 1.6 times faster due to splitting up the top-level .gitignore and .gitattribute files.
  • Chromium’s compositor layer sorting system has been rewritten, fixing a lot of outstanding issues on several websites.
  • WebKit’s build systems are being prepared for upstreaming iOS changes to the public repository.
  • Performance of creating nodes through JavaScript has been sped up by ~15% for v8.
  • Support for several new types has been added to SVG’s animVal property.
  • Color selection dialogs through <input type=color> have been enabled for Chromium.