Last week in WebKit:
A new Content Security Policy API and transitioning from percentages to pixels

This update discusses all 692 commits made by 182 authors to the WebKit repository last week, up to revision 123994.

Web Inspector’s Settings dialog has received a new experimental option to override the Geolocation results. Experimental support for supporting SASS source-maps has been implemented as well, and drag and drop won’t be started anymore when using right clicks.

CSS Transitions and Animations now work between different types of length units, for example from percentage to pixel-based widths. For the Flexible Box Module implementation, percentage-sizes items will now wrap properly and the “order” property will now influence the painting order as well.

Mike added a JavaScript interface for Content Security Policy, enabling authors to apply feature detection to determine the limitations applied to their content. Initializing TypedArrays based on other TypedArrays has been sped up by 3 to 30 times, the undoscope property is now supported and Microdata’s PropertyNodeList interface has been implemented.

As for new features, a build flag was added announcing work on CSS Blending and Compositing. Simon started working on implementing sticky positioning, starting with the compile-time flag and parsing support. Sticky positioning is useful for elements that should remain visible on the screen regardless of the scrolling position, while also sticking to their containing element.

Other changes which occurred last week: