Last week in WebKit:
MediaStreams meet the Web Audio API and classList for SVG

This week’s update talks about the 745 commits made by 186 distinct authors, up to revision 142731.

The classList property moved from HTMLElement to Element, so may now be used with other types of elements as well — for example, SVG elements. Implementation of a MediaStreamAudioSourceNode for the Web Audio API has begun and audio destinations now support local and live audio input. For the CSS Regions implementation, the regionLayoutUpdate event will fire on the NamedFlow object now.

Sliders with a <datalist> attached to them will now have their handle snap to the available options, and an implementation for using <datalist> with color input-fields has been added for Chromium. The webkit prefix has been dropped from the Vibration API implementation as it reached Candidate Recommendation. Overflow will no longer apply to table rows and row-groups, instead, it only applies to block containers, and a bunch of improvements have been made to the Flexible Box implementation as well.

A setting and API has been added to WebKit2 ports, introducing an option to disable third parties from being able to store data. Besides blocking cookies, this will also encapsulate storage APIs such as localStorage.

Other changes which occurred last week:

  • An API has been added for WebKit2 ports introducing an option for blocking third-party storage.
  • Work is being done on re-implementing support for quotes and the <q> element.
  • Web Inspector’s User Agent setting screen has been renamed to Overrides.
  • The Pointer Lock API has been blocked for sandboxed iframes, and the old API has been removed.
  • Support for CSS Filters has been enabled for the BlackBerry port.