Last Week in WebKit:
Prefix-less IndexedDB and Element.remove()

This update discusses the 1,302 changes that landed in the two weeks prior to Monday, up to revision 130616.

Web Inspector’s feature to inspect Shadow DOM is no longer an experiment, and may now be enabled through the settings. The last docking position will now be stored and the CSS property auto-complete feature will now suggest properties based on frequency of usage, rather than alphabetically.

The Flexible Box Module implementation had another series of bugs fixed. flex-grow will now be set to “1” when omitted in the shorthand, three other issues and Kenneth fixed the scroll offset being lost during relayout. When using the old flexbox syntax, scrollbar widths and heights won’t be substracted twice anymore. Support for the :scope pseudo-class has been removed as it wasn’t working correctly, and the :first-class pseudo-element will no longer ignore content inserted by :before.

The week, monthdatedatetime and datetime-local input types have had their UIs updated with support for the multiple attribute. Years in date elements now adhere to the min/max attributes, and time input fields now support an UI for datalists. Finally, marquee elements no longer force themselves to be at least a single em high. For MathML, the rowspan and columnspan attributes for the <mtd> elements have been implemented.

WebKit’s IndexedDB implementation has lost its prefix. Lifetime of DOM trees has been made more predictable, the getUserMedia method’s syntax has been updated to match the latest specification and a skeleton implementation of showModal for dialog elements has been implemented as well. Erik implemented the DOM4 remove() method on Elements and taught DOMTokenLists how to deal with rest parameters. DOMStringLists, such as used by Microdata’s property, will now return null for out-of-range indexes.

Other changes which happened in the last two weeks: