Last week in WebKit:
Conditional CSS, polygonal exclusions and a few less prefixes

This update covers the 1,426 changes which landed in the past two weeks, up to revision 132029.

Web Inspector now supports styling console message output by using the %c modifier, together with a string of defined styles in the second parameter. HTML as part of XMLHttpRequest responses will now be previewed in the Network Panel, and hovering over console messages will now highlight them.

WebKit now supports the @supports rule from the CSS Conditional module. The orphaned units quirk has been removed, which would allow a space between the number and unit, such as “20 px”. Borders, margins and paddings of an inline’s inline ancestors won’t be counted twice anymore, and max-width can now override the width for CSS tables. For the Flexible Box implementation, stretched inputs won’t overflow anymore and images are being displayed again.

The experimental CSS Exclusions implementation now supports polygonal shapes, behavior of which is explained on Hans Muller’s blog. Elements utilizing CSS Regions now support automated height, and text decorations are now being properly applied when ::first-line styling is present. CSS variable names are now case insensitive.

Seven nodes of the Web Audio API have been renamed to be more consistent with other node types. A “force” parameter has been added to the DOMTokenList’s toggle() method, Content Security Policies now support paths at file-level granularity and text controls were given the setRangeText() method.

The vendor prefix of has been removed. RequestAnimationFrame also had its vendor prefix removed, and a high-resolution timestamp is now being exposed as an argument for requestAnimationFrame’s callback.

Other changes which occurred in the last two weeks: