Last week in WebKit:
Resolution media queries and timeouts for XHR

This update covers all of last week’s 739 commits, up to revision 132761.

Resources using data: URIs in Web Inspector will now be trimmed at a reasonable point, increasing readability. Stylesheets will now also be reloaded when any in-use SASS resource has been saved in the Sources panel.

The @host CSS rule has been implemented, aiding in styling elements using Shadow DOM. The Flexible Box Module implementation now supports flex-wrap: nowrap, supports top and bottom margins for child nodes of flex items and now gracefully handles width definitions. Regions now support auto-height regions with region breaks and rendering support for text-decoration-style has been implemented.

A number of create*() methods of the Web Audio API’s AudioContext object have been renamed to match the latest specification. Pasted fragments will now always be parsed as HTML, even on XHTML pages, and the default action for the “dragover” event now prevents dropping when dragging files.

Kenneth added support for the “resolution” media query, most useful when used in conjunction with the dppx unit, and a feature flag for implementing features from CSS Device Adaption did land as well. John Mellor’s Text Autosizing implementation got the interest of Samsung, who are working on implementing the API in WebKit2, and timeout support for XMLHttpRequests has been implemented as well. Finally, all the compositing operators for CSS Shaders are now supported, with the exception of “destination” and “lighter”.

Other changes which occurred last week: