Last week in WebKit:
making waves

WebKit has been quieter than usual since Andreas posted last week. This may have had something to do with all the Apple engineers being at WWDC :).

Although there were not as many commits as usual, some big things happened and many great new features are now public.

A better Inspector

In case you missed that: a great event this week was the improved Web Inspector making its way to WebKit.

Previously, the new inspector was only available in Safari, while the WebKit project was still using the older version started in 2006.

Since Tuesday, the updated inspector has been open-sourced and is available directly in WebKit. If you want to add a feature, you can submit patches directly on for the component Web Inspector.

Tim blogged about the improved inspector. You can already use it on the WebKit Nightlies, or on OS X Mavericks.

Runtime improvements


The WebKittens of the week are Antoine Quint, Joseph Pecoraro and Timothy Hatcher for refusing the status quo on tooling and making the Web Inspector awesome.