Last two weeks in WebKit:
breaking code with prefixes

Last week I had the blog ready and I sent it to Andreas for review. He pointed out that the post was a little short, and that it would be better to flesh it out a bit. I wanted to fix that quickly and publish the blog mid-week. Unfortunately, I ended up having a crazy week and I never got the time to update the post. So here we are, a little late, the last (two) weeks in WebKit:

Exposed changes

Engine hacking

Renáta Hodován published the first blog post about Fuzzinator. The post introduces what Fuzzinator is and the building blocks it uses to find problems in browsers.

Another good news regarding the blogs is Brent Fulgham fixed to include the WebKit blog. This makes will it easier for everyone to have a single source of information for WebKit changes. Some old blogs have been removed recently, removing about 8.8 million lines from the planet.

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